HoliSurface® (HoliSurface®)


HS acquisition (active seismic with a single 3-component geophone)


Main tools:

  • HoliSurface® analysis (patented methodology) that allows to jointly analyze all the surface-wave components obtained by using just one single 3-component (calibrated and triggered) geophone
  • computation and modelling of the H/V Spectral Ratio (Nakamura’s method) to estimate the resonance frequency
  • Vs30 calculation
  • tool for Miniature Array Analysis of Microtremors (MAAM): Rayleigh-wave effective phase velocity dispersion curve from passive acquisitions performed while considering micro arrays (radius of very few meters)
  • joint analysis of HVSR + MAAM dispersion curves
  • joint inversion of HVSR + group-velocity spectra of one or more components (vertical and/or radial component of Rayleigh waves and/or Love waves)
  • spectral analyses: computation of amplitude and phase spectra and spectrograms (frequency content over time)
  • 1D modelling of refractions (also considering low-velocity layers) [see the paper "Unconventional Optimized Surface Wave Acquisition and Analysis: Comparative Tests in a Perilagoon Area"]
  • elastic moduli tool
  • tool for creating 2D sections
  • vibrational analysis (DIN 4150 and UNI 9614)
  • building vibrational analyses (coupled, uncoupled and GHM method)
  • tool TCEMCD (Three-Component Extraction from Multi-Channel Data) to handle the joint acquisition of complex data

    From release 6.0:

  • RPM (Rayleigh-wave Particle Motion) curve analysis
  • SSR (Standard Spectral Ratio) to define the site resonance frequency

    From release 2018:

  • tool for the Site Response computation

    ⇒ For further details, please take a closer look at the HoliSurface® manual available HERE

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3D visualization of field and synthetic group-velocity spectra


Because of the novelty of the adopted procedures, the HoliSurface® software is offered only during one of our workshops or after the mandatory training day.