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  • To provide you with concrete information, in case you already have a seismograph, we need to know the model and the type of geophones (vertical, horizontal, 3-component, etc.) and which methodologies you are interested in.
    In fact, in order to fully exploit the most advanced features of our top software applications, the acquisition system should be properly designed and set up (this is why we recommend to contact us before buying any seismograph).
    Please, have a look at the winMASW® manual and in particular to the section "Introduction: the winMASW® holistic perspective": 

  • CLICK HERE for a small pdf document with some basic information and guidelines that we would kindly recommend you to read carefully before writing us.

  • Do you know the HoliSurface® world? CLICK HERE for the draft of the 2024 release of HoliSurface®, our patented software application for the efficient acquisition and analysis of seismic and vibration data.

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