is a high-profile software application for the joint analysis of seismic data designed in order to achieve highly-reliable Vs (shear-wave velocity) vertical profiles.

In order to accomplish such a goal, different methodologies are implemented:

  • MASW (Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves) analysis considering both Rayleigh and Loves waves (joint analysis)
  • MFA (Multiple Filter Analysis) techniques (i.e. phase and group velocities) considering both Rayleigh and Loves waves
  • ESAC (Extended Spatial Auto-Correlation)
  • ReMi (Refraction Microtremors) analysis
  • HVSR (Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral ratio) to estimate the resonance frequency
  • Analysis of Rayleigh-wave attenuation for the estimation of Qs quality factors
  • Modeling 1D of P and SH-wave refraction travel times (also considering Low-velocity Channels)
  • Synthetic seismograms and Full Velocity Spectra (FVS) inversion
  • RPM Analysis (Rayleigh-wave Particle Motion) frequency-offset surface
  • Site Response (Response Spectra) computation

The key feature of winMASW® is represented by the possibility of jointly analyzing different active and passive data such as: Rayleigh and Love-wave MASW (phase velocities) and MFA (Multiple-Filter Analysis for group-velocity determination), FVS (Full Velocity Spectrum) analyses, modeling of P- and SH- wave refraction travel times (1D), HVSR, ReMi, ESAC (bi-dimensional array providing much better performances compared to ReMi) etc.
This way we can overcome the problems related to non-uniqueness of the solution and all the possible ambiguities in the data interpretation.
Please consider that the "best" techniques to adopt for a survey actually depend on the goals and on the complexity of the site. For this reason winMASW® offers a complete arsenal of tools capable of handling any kind of analysis and problem.

winMASW® is available in six different versions: Academy, Professional, 3C, Standard, Lite and winHVSR.  

In order to get the best quote, in addition to mentioning the version(s) you are mostly interested in, it is always useful to specify your current equipment (i.e. seismograph, geophones etc) and/or the kind of surveys you intend to perform.
Please consider that, we do not provide only the software for the data analysis, but an optimized field equipment as well: seismograph, seismic cables, geophones and so on.
If you do not have any equipment, contact us and we will find the solution that best meets your needs.

Love waves (THF): field data (on the left) and synthetic traces for FVS analysis

Love waves (THF): field data (on the left) and synthetic traces for FVS analysis

winMASW® 2019 user manual

Manual de usuario winMASW® 2019 [ES]

Manuale d'uso winMASW® 2019 [IT]

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