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Papers and insights

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  • Shear-wave velocity profiling according to three alternative approaches: a comparative case study
    Dal Moro G., Keller L., Al-Arifi N., Moustafa S.R., 2016, Journal of Applied Geophysics, 134, 112–124


  • Four geophones for seven possible objective functions: active and passive seismics for tricky areas
    Dal Moro G., Invited presentation and Extended Abstract for the Urban Geophysics workshop of the 22nd EAGE Near Surface Geoscience conference (4-8 September 2016 - Barcelona, Spain)



  • Less is more: from van der Rohe to the 4-channel system for the efficient and holistic analysis of surface waves. A urban case studyDal Moro G., Moustafa S.R., Al-Arifi, Proceedings of the GNGTS (gngts.ogs.trieste.it) congress (17-19 November 2015 - Trieste, Italy)


  • Determinazione del profilo verticale della velocità delle onde di taglio per la caratterizzazione sismica di sito: analisi multi-componente per una corretta e completa interpretazione dei dati e ricostruzione del profilo VS
    Dal Moro G., Alessandrini A., Bassano F., Basso Fin M., GEOLOGI MARCHE (Rivista dell'Ordine dei Geologi delle Marche), Maggio-Agosto 2015, 55, 3-11




  • Efficient acquisition and holistic analysis of Rayleigh waves
    Dal Moro G., Moustafa S.R., Al-Arifi, Proceedings of the Near-Surface EAGE 2015 congress (Turin - Italy) [having received a very high score from the reviewers, the work was invited to be published in one of the EAGE journals]




  • Optimizing the exploration of vast areas via multi-component surface-wave analysis
    Dal Moro G. and Keller L., EAGE 2015, June 1-5 2015 (Madrid - Spain), Extended Abstract


  • Oberflächengebundene Bestimmung eines robusten Vs-Modells als Eingangsparameter zu bodendynamischen Berechnungen an einer historischen Klosterkirche [Surface-wave analysis for the determination of a robust VS model for soil dynamics analysis at a historic monastery church]
    Keller L., Dal Moro G., Lacave C., 2015. Proceedings 75th Annual Meeting of the DGG (Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft - German Geophysical Society), Hannover March 23-26, 2015



  • Seismic response analysis of NAGRA-Net stations using advanced geophysical techniques
    Poggi V., Edwards B., Dal Moro G., Keller L., Fäh D., 2015, Extended Abstract for EGU 2015, Vienna, 12-17 April 2015






  • Joint Analysis of Lunar Surface Waves: the Apollo 16 dataset
    Dal Moro G., 2013, Proceedings of the 19th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, Bochum, Germany, 9-11 September 2013 [having received a very high score from the reviewers, the work was invited to be published as full paper in Geophysical Prospecting - but was eventually submitted and published in ICARUS (the Elsevier journal of Planetary Sciences)]




  • Joint Analysis of Surface Waves
    Dal Moro G., Graz (Austria), 9-13 July 2012, Mini-Symposium Surface and Interface Acoustic Waves in Solids, 8th European Solid Mechanics Conference, invited speaker








  • Haze Removal and Data Calibration for High-Resolution Satellite Data
    Dal Moro G., Halounova L., 2007, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 28, 2187-2205



  • Harmonic Noise Attenuation for Vibroseis Data
    Dal Moro G., Scholtz P., Iranpour K., 2007, GNGTS, Rome (Italy), 13-15 November 2007


  • Velocity Spectra and Seismic Signal Identification for Surface Wave Analysis
    Dal Moro G., Forte E., Pipan M., Sugan M., 2006, Near Surface Geophysics, 4, 243-251


  • Shear-Wave Profiling via SH Reflection Analysis and Rayleigh Wave Inversion
    Dal Moro G., Pipan M., Forte E., Gabrielli P., Sugan M., Forlin E. and Finetti I., 2005, Proceedings SEG 2005, 75th Annual Meeting, Huston, Texas, November 2005


  • Multi-fold, multi-component and multi-azimuth GPR for subsurface imaging and material characterisation
    Pipan M., Forte M., Dal Moro G., Sugan M., Finetti I. , 2004, in Ground-Penetrating Radar, 2nd Edition (David J. Daniels Editor) ISBN: 0863413609, Peter Peregrinus Ltd UK , 310-322



  • Multifold Ground-Penetrating Radar and Resistivity to Study the Stratigraphy of Shallow Unconsolidated Sediments
    Pipan, M., Forte, E., Dal Moro, G., Sugan, M. and Finetti, I., 2003, The Leading Edge, 22, 876-881


  • Multi-Frequency and Multi-Azimuth Polarimetric GPR for Buried Utilities Detection
    Marsiglio L., Pipan M., Forte E., Dal Moro G., Finetti I., Proceedings EAGE 2003 (Stavanger, Norway)


  • Time-lapse Tomography
    Vesnaver A., Accaino F., Böhm G., Madrussani G., Pajchel J., Rossi G., Dal Moro G., 2003, Geophysics, 68, 815-823


  • A 3D Seismic Survey for Groundwater Protection
    Rossi G., Dal Moro G., Mammo T., Nieto D., Picotti S., Vesnaver A., Vuan A., 2001, Proceedings SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists), 71st Annual Int. Mtg. (Texas, Sept 2001), 1333-1336


  • 4D Tomography at the North Sea
    Vesnaver A., Dal Moro G., Madrussani G., Pajchel J., Rossi G., 2001, Proceedings 63rd Mtg. EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers) (Amsterdam, June 2001)


  • Remarkable Tilt-Strain Anomalies Preceding Two Seismic Events in Friuli (NE Italy): Their Interpretation as Precursors
    Dal Moro G., Zadro M., 1999, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 170, 119-129


  • Subsurface Deformations Induced by Rainfall and Atmospheric Pressure: Tilt/Strain Measurements in the NE-Italy Seismic Area
    Dal Moro G., Zadro M., 1998, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 164, 193-203


  • Geometry and Mechanical Crustal Properties in NE Italy Based on Seismic and Gravity Data
    Dal Moro G., Braitenberg C., Zadro M., 1998, Bollettino Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata, 39, 37-46