Papers and insights

(Software manuals and further case studies available from the pages presenting winMASW®  and HoliSurface®)

  • On the identification of industrial components in the Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR) from microtremors
    Dal Moro G., 2020, Pure and Applied Geophysics (in press)

  • Mapping bedrock topography of the Lower Aare valley using seismic surface waves
    Keller L., Dal Moro G., Spillmann T., Deplazes G., Madritsch H., 7th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Fribourg 2019 (22-23 November 2019)



  • VS measurements through dispersive wave methods in the urban environment of Porto (North Portugal)
    Moura R. M., Noronha F., Almeida F., Dal Moro G., 2012, 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 24-28 September 2012, Lisbon (Portugal)

  • Joint Analysis of Surface Waves
    Dal Moro G., Graz (Austria), 9-13 July 2012, Mini-Symposium Surface and Interface Acoustic Waves in Solids, 8th European Solid Mechanics Conference, invited speaker

  • Alcune problematicità nell’analisi delle onde di superficie e del rapporto spettrale H/V
    Dal Moro G. and Pipan M., 2012, Rivista Italiana di Geotecnica, 2/2012, 68-81

  • Joint Analysis of Rayleigh and Love Wave Dispersion for Near-Surface Studies: Issues, Criteria and Improvements
    Dal Moro G., Ferigo F., 2011, J. Appl. Geophysics, 75, 573-589

  • Some Aspects about Surface Wave and HVSR Analyses: a Short Overview and a Case Study
    Dal Moro G., 2011, invited paper, BGTA - Bollettino Geofisica Teorica e Applicata, 52, 241-259
  • Insights on Surface-Wave Dispersion Curves and HVSR: Joint Analysis via Pareto Optimality
    Dal Moro G., 2010, J. Appl. Geophysics, 72, 29-140

  • Harmonic Noise Attenuation for Vibroseis Data
    Dal Moro G., Scholtz P., Iranpour K., 2007, GNGTS, Rome (Italy), 13-15 November 2007

  • VS and VP Vertical Profiling via Joint Inversion of Rayleigh Waves and Refraction Travel Times by means of Bi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
    Dal Moro G., 2008, J. Appl. Geophysics, 66, 15-24

  • Joint Inversion of Surface Wave Dispersion Curves and Reflection Travel Times via Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms
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  • Haze Removal and Data Calibration for High-Resolution Satellite Data
    Dal Moro G., Halounova L., 2007, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 28, 2187-2205

  • Shear-Wave Profiling via SH Reflection Analysis and Rayleigh Wave Inversion
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  • Rayleigh Wave Dispersion Curve Inversion via Genetic Algorithms and Posterior Probability Density Evaluation
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  • Velocity Spectra and Seismic Signal Identification for Surface Wave Analysis
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  • Multifold Ground-Penetrating Radar and Resistivity to Study the Stratigraphy of Shallow Unconsolidated Sediments
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  • Multi-Frequency and Multi-Azimuth Polarimetric GPR for Buried Utilities Detection
    Marsiglio L., Pipan M., Forte E., Dal Moro G., Finetti I., Proceedings EAGE 2003 (Stavanger, Norway)

  • Time-lapse Tomography
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  • A 3D Seismic Survey for Groundwater Protection
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  • 4D Tomography at the North Sea Vesnaver A., Dal Moro G., Madrussani G., Pajchel J., Rossi G., 2001, Proceedings 63rd Mtg. EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers) (Amsterdam, June 2001)

  • Remarkable Tilt-Strain Anomalies Preceding Two Seismic Events in Friuli (NE Italy): Their Interpretation as Precursors
    Dal Moro G., Zadro M., 1999, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 170, 119-129

  • Subsurface Deformations Induced by Rainfall and Atmospheric Pressure: Tilt/Strain Measurements in the NE-Italy Seismic Area
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  • Geometry and Mechanical Crustal Properties in NE Italy Based on Seismic and Gravity Data
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