You have your own seismograph but you don't have time or qualified personnel for analyzing your data?
You need to process some data according to the below mentioned techniques but you do not have the software and want to think about a possible purchase later on?

Eliosoft can analyze your data according to the following techniques:

  • MASW (Rayleigh and Love waves)
  • HoliSurface®
  • ReMi
  • ESAC
  • MAAM
  • HVSR
  • vibrational analysis (DIN 4150 and UNI 9614)
  • building vibrational analyses
  • downhole
  • refraction tomography

You can send us your data (acquired according to the guidelines we will provide you via email) and we will analyze them and retrieve the Vs vertical profile (thus also providing the well-known Vs30 parameter).
This way it will be possible to obtain a final model much more accurate and therefore reliable.
Before sending your data, please contact us to agree on the best method and approach for your problem/site (and, please, also give us details about your equipment and goals).
Except in exceptional cases, the processing service is offered in package of minimum 4 datasets.