Eliosoft provides optimized field equipment - seismographs, seismic cables, geophones and so on - capable of acquiring high-quality seismic data which can be used to fully exploit our software applications and multi-component procedures. To get a broader overview on the many possible techniques for surface wave analysis, contact us and we will find the solution that best meets your needs. 


  • Acquisition and analysis system:
    the ideal synthesis to do everything between the alpha and the omega of seismic and vibrational analysis:

    1. HoliSurface® analysis (patented method): multi-component analysis Z, R, T, RVSR, RPM
    2. HVSR (jointly with dispersion data)
    3. Vibrational analysis on buildings (discrimination of torsional and flexural modes even with one 3-component geophone)
    4. Vibrational analysis for DIN4150 and UNI9610 regulations
    5. SSR (Standard Spectral Ratio and Spectral Difference)
    6. "Multi-channel" active (multi-component MASW) and passive methods (ESAC, MAAM, ReMi) and refraction/reflection


  • AREA51 device and accessories for MAAM (Miniature Array Analysis of Microtremors) acquisitions:
    MAAM is a kind of mini ESAC which requires only a few meters of space

    MAAM (triangular array - four 4.5 Hz vertical geophones) + HVSR (4.5 Hz 3-component geophone) joint acquisition