2021 26 November

Eliosoft Newsletter, November 2021: Black Friday offers and more...

Eliosoft Newsletter, November 2021: Black Friday offers and more...

  • winMASW® 3C + ELIOVSP (our joint DH+HVSR software application)

  • HoliSurface® + ELIOVSP

  • HoliSurface® + HOLI3C geophone (Cannon or 3 Split Spring connector)

  • winMASW® 3C + twelve 4.5 Hz horizontal geophones (high sensitivity, single clip connector)

  • Rayfract® (refraction tomography) + twenty-four 4.5 Hz horizontal geophones (high sensitivity, single clip connector - useful for MASW and refraction acquisitions, HERE a technical note about the geophones for MASW and refraction data; please, also remember the importance of Love waves and the fact that SH refraction is better than P-wave refraction - see our Springer 2020 book)

This is your chance to get the best software for the joint analysis of seismic data at a discounted price.
Joint analysis (we are internationally recognized about it) is the only way to define the correct solution (Vs profile): here some of our publications.

Some useful documents:
1) basic guidelines and winMASW® fact sheet:
2) HoliSurface® [HS] manual: http://download.winmasw.com/documents/manual_HoliSurface_eng.pdf
3) ELIOVSP® manual: http://download.winmasw.com/documents/ELIOVSP_manual_ENG.pdf
4) HOLI3C fact sheet: http://download.winmasw.com/documents/Holi3C_geophone_Eliosoft.pdf
5) A short video introduction to the HS acquisition: https://youtu.be/hqjJvAxL6xQ

Available on request few documents about the incredible new features of the next HS and winMASW® Academy releases.

Further possible combinations on request (Black Friday offers are valid only for in-bundle purchases)
Also available our Elsevier and Springer books
Offers valid until November 29, 2021 | Prices VAT excluded



2. Here an example/tutorial about the acquisition and analysis of surface waves according to the HS [HoliSurface®] approach (group velocity spectra + HVSR):



3. For our users working with the latest releases of winMASW® Academy or HoliSurface®: available on request a package of multi-component data useful for your training.
A series of datasets presented in books and publications (reported) and which can be used to compare your solution with the analyses shown in the published literature.


4. Eliosoft is authorized reseller of Rayfract® and Reflexw®:
Do you need a refraction tomography software? Would you like to upgrade your Rayfract® or Reflexw® license? Contact us: info@winmasw.com and remember that while P waves are strongly influenced by water saturation, SH waves are not – therefore SH refraction is to be preferred [that's why you should use horizontal geophones!]


5. Current releases: CLICK HERE

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