2023 20 February

Eliosoft Newsletter: new paper, ELIOVSP (DownHole seismics), hardware & software catalogue...

Eliosoft Newsletter: new paper, ELIOVSP (DownHole seismics), hardware & software catalogue...

1. New important paper

MASW? A critical perspective on problems and opportunities in surface-wave analysis from active and passive data (with few legal considerations)
Dal Moro G., Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C, Volume 130, 2023, 103369, ISSN 1474-7065, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pce.2023.103369

Abstract: In the last two decades, surface wave analysis has become a widespread practice for several geotechnical applications and the MASW (Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves) acronym has become extremely popular. The standard MASW approach is based on the personal (i.e. subjective) interpretation of the phase-velocity spectrum of the vertical component of Rayleigh waves. This way, we do not invert the actual datum but a subjective interpretation that can be wrong and lead to erroneous shear-wave velocity (Vs) profiles. Even in case data interpretation is correct, non-uniqueness of the solution obtained from inversion of just one observable remains a problem. A series of active and passive synthetic and field datasets are used to illustrate main issues in surface wave analysis and highlight the need for multi-component analysis possibly according to an approach that goes beyond the subjective interpretation of modal dispersion curves. The multi-component approach considered to overcome the ambiguities of single-component analysis is performed according to the FVS (Full Velocity Spectrum) approach, therefore overcoming subjective velocity-spectra interpretations. It is also shown that surface-wave analysis can be effectively carried out considering not phase velocities but group velocities, with the obvious benefit that while for the phase-velocity analysis multi-offset data are necessary, the definition of the group velocities can be accomplished from single-offset data (i.e. from the data of one single sensor). An example of erroneous Vs determination made for an important public building is illustrated in order to highlight the importance of multi-component analysis and the need for stricter guidelines.

If you are interested in reading the paper, please contact us: info@winmasw.com

Here the link to the current winMASW® manual (work in progress): CLICK HERE



2. ELIOVSP: new short videos on DownHole seismic data processing (P and SH, also jointly with HVSR) available from our YouTube channel

ELIOVSP is the software application for the analysis of borehole seismic data that allows the joint modeling of P and SH waves also together with the HVSR curve so to significantly increase the investigated depth well over the depth of the borehole.
Do you want to activate the ELIOVSP software in your winMASW® or HoliSurface® USB dongle? Ask for an offer: info@winmasw.com

ELIOVSP (DownHole seismics) playlist: CLICK HERE


3. Self Training

Available on request a collection of datasets (multi-component active and passive, vibrations, etc.) with solutions (to compare with your analyses).

winMASW® Academy panel for joint analysis of phase and group velocities (FVS approach) together with refraction (P or SH depending on the considered component) and HVSR curve

4. Article about the Miniature Arrays Analysis of Microtremors (MAAM) technique implemented in our HoliSurface® software application

A recommended (excellent and very technical) paper is available from the following link: CLICK HERE

Here the link to the current HoliSurface® manual (work in progress): CLICK HERE


5. Studying (surface & body waves) in Prague – Czech Republic

Are you a student (master or PhD) who can apply for a studentship/fellowhip from your home institution/country and wants to spend some time in Prague (Czech Republic) to work in the field of joint acquisition and analysis of seismic and/or vibration data? Contact us: info@winmasw.com


Our full catalogue with all the software and hardware products: http://download.winmasw.com/documents/Eliosoft_Catalogue_EN_IT.pdf


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