2020 6 April

Eliosoft Newsletter, April 2020: ACD and HS 2019 definitive editions, new book, software and hardware solutions, structural engineering exercise...

Eliosoft Newsletter, April 2020: ACD and HS 2019 definitive editions, new book, software and hardware solutions, structural engineering exercise...

1. Available the release 2019 for winMASW® Academy and HoliSurface®:
Update or upgrade your license to ACD-2019 and/or HS-2019 and enjoy our top products.
Please, note that, if you already have the ACD-2018 and HS-2018 releases, by publishing an article (previously approved by Eliosoft) in a geophysical/geotechnical magazine mentioning our software applications, you can get the 2019 releases for free. If you are interested, please contact us at winmasw@winmasw.com


2. New book soon available:

Efficient Joint Analysis of Surface Waves and Introduction to Vibration Analysis: Beyond the Clichés
Dal Moro G., 2020, Springer, ISBN 978-3-030-46303-8
Also remember that several articles are available HERE [user manuals and case studies are available in the related software pages].



3. Eliosoft provides high-profile geophysical software and optimized field equipment:
winMASW® suite: our well-known software application for the joint analysis of seismic data available in six versions (Academy, Professional, 3C, Standard, Lite and winHVSR). For the winMASW® fact sheet click HERE
HoliSurface®: our innovative software application (patented methodology) that allows to jointly analyze all the surface-wave components obtained by using just one single 3-component (calibrated and triggered) geophone. For more information click HERE
ELIOVSP: our new software for downhole seismics for the joint analysis of P and SH waves also together with the HVSR.
Refraction tomography software: Eliosoft is an authorized reseller of Rayfract® and Reflexw, if you are interested in purchasing or updating your license, contact us!
Field equipment and tailored hardware and software solutions: we provide you with all kinds of geophones, seimic cables, 3-component geophones and 24-bit seismograph.
To get a broader overview on the many possible techniques/approaches for surface wave analysis, contact us and we will find the best solution for your professional goals. And don't forget to explore our website and discover all our products & services.



4. A structural engineering simple exercise for your COVID-19 quarantine: determination of the eigenmnodes of your kitchen table according to the GHM (Gaussian-filtered Horizontal Motion) approach:


Place two 3-component geophones at the two corners of your dining table (in case you have only one geophone you can record the data in two different moments, first at one point and then at the other corner) and proceed by recording a 10-minute dataset.
Analyze the data with the HoliSurface® software ("building vibrations" tool) according to the GHM approach (see available literature).
You will be able to identify the eigenmnodes (frequency and kind of mode – flexural and torsional) of your dining table. And with the buildings the procedure is just the same!

For more details  click HERE

Below the video of the torsional mode:

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