2019 25 luglio

Eliosoft Newsletter, July 2019: new papers, software offer, summer closure and more...

Eliosoft Newsletter, July 2019: new papers, software offer, summer closure and more...


1. An introductory document on Shear-Wave Velocity (Vs) available HERE

2. New papers about the multi-component analysis of MASW data via FVS (see
winMASW® Academy) and the HoliSurface® analysis (see our HS software):

- Surface wave analysis: improving the accuracy of the shear-wave velocity profile through the efficient joint acquisition and Full Velocity Spectrum (FVS) analysis of Rayleigh and Love waves [details HERE]
- On the efficient acquisition and holistic analysis of Rayleigh waves: Technical aspects and two comparative case studies [available for the download, click HERE]


3. Summer Offer, 20% discount on bundle promotions:
- winMASW® Academy + Rayfract: 4770 EUR full price ⇒ 3800 EUR discounted price (you save 970 EUR)
- winMASW® Academy + Reflexw: 4500 EUR full price ⇒ 3600 EUR discounted price (you save 900 EUR)


4. Field equipment:
We do not provide only software but optimized hardware as well (geophones, seismographs, seismic cables etc.)
In case you want to improve your field equipment just contact us. For instance:
- do you already have a set of horizontal geophones for the joint acquisition of Love and Rayleigh (radial component) waves?
- do you have a good 3-component geophone for the determination of the HVSR and the acquisition of vibration data?
Some basic guidelines HERE.


5. Data processing service:
We analyze your data according to the following techniques: MASW (Rayleigh and Love waves), ReMi, ESAC, HVSR and HoliSurface® .
We also process multi-component data for the characterization of 2D lines (see our ADAM2D service).


6. winMASW® user manual: the updated edition is available HERE.
You can see the several new (or improved) tools such as for instance the 2D HVSR section (see Appendices) or the possibility of analyzing non-equally spaced MASW data (and much more!).

7. Summer closure from 1st to 31st August 2019:
For purchase orders, please contact us by 29th July at winmasw@winmasw.com


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